Importing or Creating Private Keys

Import Existing

If you already have a BIP39 based wallet, or other private key material, you can import this directly into the Coldcard at setup time. Choose Import Existing from the main menu.

main menu import existing

From the import menu, you can import seed words generated on another system, restore a backup file, import a raw XPRV or roll a dice to make your own value.

import menu

24 Words
18 words
12 Words
Choose the number of words: 24, 18 or 12 words and the following menus will allow you to drill down to appropriate BIP39 word (English only). The final word is a checksum value that verifies the other words.
Restore Backup
Import a backup file from another Coldcard. You will need the backup file (7z) on the MicroSD card, and you must enter a 12-word password that was provided at the time the backup was created.
Import XPRV
To import an XPRV, you must provide a cleartext file on MicroSD with a BIP32 base58-serialized extended master private key. It should start with xprv and be on a single line of a text file. The reset of the file is ignored. Please note there is no encryption for this method, and therefore, it is very hazardous and only recommended for testing purposes.

The final item in the menu is a bit different because it allows you to create the private key directly. In that way it's not really an 'key import', but a 'create key'.

Dice Rolls
You have the option of creating a unique seed value by rolling a six-sided dice (D6). Just keep pressing 1–6 as you roll. At least 99 rolls are required for 256-bit security, and if you operate with fewer rolls, you will be warned. Press OK when complete, and the equivalent seed words are shown so you can write those down instead of the dice numbers. As usual, the word quiz is conducted before the seed is saved.

Mix-in Dice Rolls

This is not the only way to introduce entropy from dice rolls. Any time the Coldcard is showing the seed words on-screen, you may press 4 to "mix in" additional dice rolls. In this case, since the entropy of the Coldcard is being used as a starting point, it is safe to add as few or as many rolls as desired.

Please note that each roll of a D6 dice provides only 2.585 bits of additional entropy. Therefore, for 128-bit security, which we consider the absolute minimum, you need 50 rolls, and for 256-bits of security, 99 rolls. The Coldcard does not limit the number of rolls.

Technical Background

The first screen always looks like this:

zero rolls

The seed value is calculated as SHA256 over all the rolls, when expressed as an ASCII string. Therefore, you will always see e3b0c... 27ae4... b855 as a starting value, since that's SHA256 over empty string. You can calculate other values using Python as follows:

>>> from hashlib import sha256
>>> sha256(b'').hexdigest()
>>> sha256(b'123456').hexdigest()