Advanced Menu


The advanced menu contains a number of useful features that are not required daily.

advanced menu

Advanced Functions

View Identity
Display a few public details about your wallet, such as the XPUB and the fingerprint.
Upgrade the firmware on the Coldcard, using MicroSD. Also shows version numbers.
Save your wallet seed and settings into an encrypted MicroSD file.
MicroSD Card
Manage files on the card.
Address Explorer
View payment addresses, and optionally save them to a MicroSD card.
Danger Zone
Developer-only features and things you shouldn't do.

Dump Summary File

The "Dump Summary" command can be found here: Advanced > MicroSD > Dump Summary

dump summary

This command saves a text file to the MicroSD with a summary of the public details of your wallet. For example, this gives the XPUB (extended public key) that you might need to import into other wallet software to track balance.

By design, this output includes the effects of your BIP39 passphrase but does not indicate it is being used.

Here is an example of the file produced by Coldcard.

There are sections with derived (public) keys for a number of different wallet systems, and the first five payment addresses derived for each is shown:

Bitcoin Core
Bitcoin Core (Segregated Witness, P2PKH)
Electrum (not BIP44)
BIP44 / Electrum
BIP49 (P2WPKH-nested-in-P2SH)
BIP84 (Native Segwit P2PKH)

Although the subkey derivation will be correct, and we have researched the BIP32 derivation paths in use by these popular systems, we make no guarantees about what they are using at present, and some are configurable.

Do not make deposits to these payment addresses without confirming they match the wallet in question, and in general, please only use addresses produced by the wallet which will be responsible for tracking the UTXO on the blockchain.

"Danger Zone" Menu

The advanced menu contains a sub menu labeled the "Danger Zone":

advanced menu

These are rarely-used commands that have the potential to affect your Bitcoin holdings. Use them with caution.

Debug Functions
Test some error cases, such as exceptions. Mostly harmless.
Lock Down Seed
Convert BIP39 seed phrase and password to a BIP32 wallet.
View Seed Words
Shows warning screen, and then displays the 24 seed words on the Coldcard screen. If defined, the BIP39 passphrase is also shown.
Destroy Seed
Forget the seed words, and all hope of recovering your funds! There is a confirmation screen.
I Am Developer
Enable various debuging modes and features for MicroPython programmers and experimentors.
Wipe Patch Area
Wipe and rebuild a small internal filesystem that can be used to store extra code/features. Harmless.
Perform Seltest
Starts the factory self-test, which will clear the settings.
Set High-Water
Records a new minimum version number for future upgrades and prevents downgrades below current version.